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Graphic design

Graphic design

The art team has versatile skills, orientation in different fields of visual art. Our passion is the work of penetrating the completed projects for clients and individual projects of the company.


We are specialised in UI/UX design – we do our very best to deliver products with optimal end-user’s interaction with an app. Interface is a place where the user meets the application. Its design is what users see and interact with. There are two main principles in order to deliver a successful project: clarity and consistency. The final product should include intuitive interface, clarity and simplicity of displaying layout, functions and text as well as consistency of the whole system (functions, uses and look).

We create advanced 2D and 3D animations. Our projects are based on three-dimension, animated scenery of a product or service. For that we prepare detailed script of the project so-called storyboard.

Jesteśmy specjalistami w tworzeniu animacji komputerowej do gier zarówno 2d jak i 3d. Działamy kompleksowo zaczynając pracę od tworzenia lub analizy tzw. scenariusza, oferujemy konsultacje i doradztwo. Tworzymy mechanikę postaci i obiektów, projektujemy świat, animacje z efektami specjalnymi.

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