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IT Manager

Are you looking for a programmer or graphic designer? Or maybe you have free human resources in your company?

We have a solution for you!

IT Manager is a platform where you can find a specialist with the skills you need. Thanks to it, you will effectively increase the revenues and competences of your company.

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What problems does it solve:

  • Have you ever got an email with the project and
    you not realize due to shortages in the staff?
  • Do you have free human resources and would you like to rent them?
  • Would you like to expand your company's competences?
  • Are you looking for specialists for short-term projects?
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If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this platform is for you!

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Benefits of this solution:

  • Easy and quick search of specialists
  • Verified partners
  • Easy communication with managers (chat + available contacts)
  • Increasing the company's revenues through more efficient management of human resources
  • Insight into design resume, skills, rates and availability
  • Increase and supplement the company's competence through access to many specialists

IT Manager - a platform for managing and outsourcing employees between trusted companies.

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Do not hesitate! Contact us: our consultants are waiting for you!