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Mobile applications

Innovative support in the development of your business

Customizing forms of media to mobile devices is an increasingly strong trend in e-marketing. Mobile applications are primarily aimed at simplifying many tasks performed every day. Their main advantage is easy of access and utility. In the era of ubiquitous advertising to the success of the promotion determine the needs of customers. A modern consumers expects swift actions for a quick start and intuitive operation. We observe and apply those qualities to developed applications for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. We provide these services to companies from different industries.

Popular types of mobile applications

Entrepreneurs from small, medium and large companies procure the most common solutions that support the activities:

  • Responsive imageimage branding - in a favorable light present the business
  • Responsive imagebusiness - gather and provide information about the activities of the company
  • Responsive imagesales - present and allow the purchase of product or services of one undertaking

Tworzenie aplikacji mobilnych na Androida lub inne systemy operacyjne pozwala na wygenerowanie produktu, który umożliwi analizę zachowań użytkowników. Działania wykonywane przez nich (np. zakup, zapisanie wyniku, itp.) są widoczne dla obsługujących rozwiązanie po stronie firmy. Przedsiębiorca zyskuje informacje np. o porach w jakich najwięcej osób korzystało z programu.

  • Responsive imageCustomers gain easier access to information
  • Responsive imageability to perform tasks on your mobile device
    (usually we carry a smartphone, and increasingly more often a Tablet)
  • Responsive imagecondensed dose of the most important news of the company
  • Responsive imagea quick way of shopping
  • Responsive imageincreased comfort
  • Responsive imagethe ability to extend the functionality
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The leading systems in the global mobile market are Android 82,8%
iOS 13,9% and Windows Phone 2,6%.

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