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News Magic Nations will debut on smartphones in August

Magic Nations will debut on smartphones in August


The Prime Bit Games S.A. team is slowly finishing work on porting 'Magic Nations' on mobile platforms, this week will be launched with beta tests for first users. 'Magic Nations' is designed in such a way that the player can use the game on each platform without losing the progress saved on another device. The company is convinced that the addition of another device will significantly translate into the results achieved from the game.

Currently, the cost of acquiring a user in 'Magic Nations' is around PLN 1. Already today, the user returns several times within a few months of installing the title. Prime Bit Games S.A. expects to exceed the threshold of 1 million users by the end of the year and the average user margin at the level of PLN 6.

'Magic Nations' is a multiplatform, strategic card game set in the fantasy world. The game world is inhabited by six races, each of which has been given different characteristics. Who does not know their game yet, we invite you to watch the announcement.

You want to become part of our application team for beta testers we accept at

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