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News VR and IoT as a Vision of the Future - ITAD afterwards

VR and IoT as a Vision of the Future - ITAD afterwards


5 th edition of IT Academic Day Conference was held on 21 April 2016 in International Education Center in Kielnarowa. PrimeBit Studio was a co-organiser of this event.

IT Academic Day is a thematic cycle of free IT conferences that are held yearly in the biggest cities of Poland. The purpose of IT Academic Day is to spread practical knowledge in the fields of IT, business and start-ups. Due to great popularity of the event in preceding years, the final edition of ITAD 2015/2016 was held in Rzeszów. Organisers of this year’s conference was: Koło naukowe nowych technologii programistycznych WSIiZ - consisting of above 200 active members (IT students), company PrimeBit Studio Sp. z o. o. [Ltd.] – creator of games played worldwide, Cervi Robotics Sp. z.o.o. [Ltd.] – specialized in robotics and cloud computing This years the participants of the conference were able to participate in interesting lectures and contests in the Main Auditorium. They also could see stalls of Conference’s Partners and Test Zone where local start-ups and invited companies presented their own developments. There was also Chillout Zone with Xbox consoles and Oculus Rift.

Among this year’s speakers were representatives of IT companies and organisation supporting start-ups. The first speaker was Wit Więch (Order od Code) who told to the audience about his career path and gace tchem advice regarding IT environment and job hunting. During second lecture Norbert Pisz (Risenbit) was talking about strategies to learn programming and succeed. Next Vadym Melnyk (Cervi Robotics, leader of Koło Naukowe Nowych Technologii Programistycznych WSIiZ) shared the information about Cloud and trendin Internet od Things. During another lecture Daniel Dereniowski (RARR, INUP) who explored the topic of platforms for start-ups and its fundings. Just before a break Bogusław Broński (PGS Software) told people about programming in .Net

During the second part of conference Michał Ręczkiewicz (PrimeBitStudio, founder and first leader of Koło Naukowe Nowych Technologii Programistyznych WSIiZ) shared his success story. Later Tomasz Gułak (Wyjdź Przed Szereg) presented the possibilities of virtual reality and inspired the audience to stand out from the crowd and convert their ideas into reality with passion and courage. At the end Dariusz Kopyto (SWIPER, start-up supported by PrimeBit Studio) shared practical knowledge about start-ups, what they really are. During conference took place many contests that were quizzes on fields od IT, business and marketing. Ewa Gyurkovich (Ever Press, company funded by PrimeBit Studio) stepped on the stage to tell the story of „EventLista”, the new event mobile app. She also announced contest that kept on the whole day of this conference. Participants could win the newest version of one of the best PC RPG games. At the end of conference Vadym Melnyk announced that his tenure as leader of Koło naukowe nowych technologii programistycznych WSIiZ is drawing near and the new leaders is needed. Then everyone went to barbeque to celebrate this IT Academic Day. This year’s conference was granted with the patronage of the Mayor of Rzeszów and Marshal od Podkarpackie Voivodeship


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Text: Ever Press


Photos by Adam Janusz, WSIiZ


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